Widowed Warriors

Champion Widows of Today, LLC

 Grief is long, lengthy, and non-linear. To better support you groups are separated by seasons.  I assist Widows who are deeply saddened by the loss of their loving relationship with their spouse. Each season is characterized by a few general attributes.  If you are unsure which season would best suit you, please do not hesitate to reach out.


This group is for Widows who are typically 0-2 years into the grief journey.  Widows in winter are usually newly widowed and have a very difficult time seeing a way forward in life.  Your grief is heavily experienced throughout the day.  These groups focus more on connecting with other widows in your season and the powerful reaffirmation that you are not alone on this path.  


A Widow in Winter may:


  1. Feel as though all color has drained from life. 

  2. Feel shocked, shame, and confused around the passing of their spouse. 

  3. Feel pressured to “get on with their lives” by our society.

  4. Feel isolated and that their entire world has come to an end while the rest of the world continues on. 



$760 group - $1,400 private USD







This group is for Widows in their Spring season.  The timeline varies when a Widow would be in this season.  We suggest any time after your first year as a Widow.  Spring is when new shoots begin emerging and life feels optimistic and color begins to take form again.  These groups are focused on building bonds with other widows and creating space for new opportunities in your life.  We will continue to process the grief where it is and strategically map out where you want to go and what you want to experience as you continue to integrate the grief.  


A Widow in Spring may:


  1. Feel mentally ready to re-enter past social circles.

  2. Feel ready to live more fully while grieving. 

  3. Feel the need to steer their life down new pathways. 

  4. Feel the heaviness of grief less often.  



$1,440 group - $2,100 private USD





This group is for Widows in their summer season.  The timeline varies when a Widow would be in this season.  We suggest any time after your third year as a Widow.  Summer is a period of vibrant new energy, sunshine, and celebration.  This group is focused on deconstructing protective barriers created during early grief, building capacity as a newer version of yourself and creating a vision for your future.  We will identify roadblocks and grief bumps that surface while focusing on the summer season of your widowhood. 


A Widow in Summer Bloom may:

  1. Feel a renewed sense of life and awareness.

  2. Feel more whole and like themselves.

  3. Feel strong and ready to take on whatever is brewing for the next chapter in their lives.

  4. Feel ready to begin new adventures as the newest version of themselves.



$3,600 group - $8,100 private USD







Private Clients have unique access to me in real time with one:one text chat and scheduled weekly sessions.  If you are interested in being a private client you can be in any season of your journey.  You will have access to all the seminars and group sessions that are relevant for your current widow season.  In your private session, we will strategically build from where you are and develop an unshakeable core to keep moving forward in understanding. 


$1,400 -  $8,100*  USD 

Sessions can be designed to tackle your current obstacles and additional expenses do apply.  Specialized sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Dining experiences

  • Memorial service

  • Travel experiences  

  • Cemetery visit

  • Outdoor/Indoor adventures